Reiki Treatment


1 hour £40.00 

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes Reflexology relieves stress and tension, improves circulation encouraging the release of toxins, and helps to restore the natural balance of the body.


1 hour £45.00 

This treatment is enhanced by the use of flat, smooth, heated basalt stones
chosen specifically for use on the feet. Includes a hot stone shoulder and neck massage.


1 hour £40.00 

The Japanese word Reiki means “Universal Energy”. Reiki is an effective and
simple way of tapping into this energy and transferring it for the benefit of the receiver, to stimulate the body’s own natural healing potential. This treatment encourages relaxation, eases stress, has a calming effect and is known to reduce pain and promote healing of wounds.


1 hour £40.00 

This is a non-invasive and gently effective treatment followed by a soothing and relaxing massage of the face, neck, scalp and ears which completes and
enhances the therapeutic effects of the candles. Treatment may benefit
common conditions such as headaches, sinus problems, tinnitus, and excessive ear wax as well as other ailments.